Cripple Fight

I have a lot of spare time and little to no internet presence

My current set list for the radio interview on wednesday is

Elvis Costello, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, LCD sound system, and Weezer, with the possibility of subbing in some Outkast.

Ideally i’d play more hip-hop and heavy alt-punk-rock but its mostly middle-age and retirees that listen in, and I’m not allowed to have any hard swearing.

Im doing an hour long interview on Local radio next week and i need to choose 4 songs to play, I’m more nervous about my song selection than talking live to X thousands of people.

Anonymous asked: Are you really vegan?

really really

I should listen to more Nas

I’m way too keen for this game to come out.

I’m way too keen for this game to come out.


Colossal, the Department of Incredible Insects recently encountered more photos of the fascinating work of French artist Hubert Duprat and his industrious Caddisflies (previously featured here).

"Right now, in almost every river in the world, some 12,000 different species of caddisfly larvae wriggle and crawl through sediment, twigs, and rocks in an attempt to build temporary aquatic cocoons. To do this, the small, slow-moving creatures excrete silk from salivary glands near their mouths which they use like mortar to stick together almost every available material into a cozy tube. A few weeks later a fully developed caddisfly emerges and almost immediately flies away."

Since the 1980s Duprat has been collecting caddisfly larvae from their normal environments and transporting them to aquariums in his studio. There he gently removes their own natural cocoons and puts the larvae in tanks filled with materials such as pearls, beads, opals, turquoise and pieces of 18-karat gold. The insects still do exactly what comes naturally to them, but in doing so they create exquisite gilded sculptures that they temporarily call home. If you saw them out of context, you’d never guess they’d been created insects.

Visit Colossal for additional images and video of Hubert Duprat discussing these amazing insects and their shiny, shiny creations.

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Echo Morgan: Blue and White Porcelain

photos: Jamie Baker

The performance “’Be the Inside of the Vase” was divided into two parts.
The first story began with my dad’s attempt to commit suicide. The performance revealed my uneasy childhood and difficult relationship with my father. I was still and silent whist my voice revealed the narrative using a pre-recorded audio. In the second performance the story moves towards my relationship with my mother. Through a rather brutal personal history I addressed sexually political statements:
From my father: “Women should be like vase, smooth, decorative and empty inside! ” From my mother: “ Don’t be a vase, pretty but empty inside, be the inside, be the quality!” From myself: “This is my voice, my story, my childhood, I am not a vase! .”

Watch the video:

Be the inside of the vase from Echo Morgan on Vimeo.

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3 more days then I can rest.

3 more days then I can rest.

The high prices might explain this sign but tbh I wouldn’t even drink the tap water here if I could help it.

The high prices might explain this sign but tbh I wouldn’t even drink the tap water here if I could help it.

I just paid $7 for a shitty fruit salad because airports suck.

FFS, it happened again.
In the 30secs I was going down the ramp outside the hotel Abbott appeared behind me and snuck past into his car before I knew what was going on.
Dudes got some next level cripple avoidance skills.

I’m in Adelaide for rugby and all the liberal party is staying at my hotel for some sort of fundraiser.
I had my back turned and missed my one chance to run over Tony Abbott, I can see this being one of my great regrets in life

At least one of us got some sleep last night

At least one of us got some sleep last night

Of corse the Art school lift breaks down the week i have 5 photo shoots booked.