Cripple Fight

I have a lot of spare time and little to no internet presence

Went to visit Devonport gallery but it’s closed till tomorrow and the aquatic centre isn’t wildlife, like I expected, it’s a pool.
Here’s hoping Launceston fairs a bit better.

For a cafe that charges $8.50 for Heinz baked beans on white toast their walls are awfully self congratulatory.

For a cafe that charges $8.50 for Heinz baked beans on white toast their walls are awfully self congratulatory.

I don’t want to sound dismissive but ferries suck.

(I threw up last night….a lot)



I got off the train in Sydney at museum station once (I mixed it up with st James) and after getting out the ramp to help me off, the attendant asked how exactly I planned to make it up the stairs (there’s no lift).
I caught the next train.

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Anonymous asked: Do you run/walk in dreams? Is that ever weird?

I run, walk, and wheel, sometimes all in the same dream.
It’s a dream so my mode of ambulating is normal not what stands out as weird.

Anonymous asked: Oh man you're coming to Tassie?? Launceston or Hobart??

Both, I have an exhibition opening at Sawtooth gallery, in launceston, on Friday and then I’m heading to Hobart on Sunday for a few days to check out MONA.

The ferry is a weird mix of families, seniors, tourists, and bogans.

FYI, if you havnt worked it out yet, I’m away for the next week and intend to narrate my mediocre adventures throughout

Just won $25 on the pokies, good start to the trip.

Made it on the ferry….now I’m trapped

From what I gathered from the safety announcement the evacuation plan for wheelchairs on the ferry is ‘In case of emergency you’re fucked’

This could take awhile

This could take awhile

Today I went to see ‘maze runner’, definitely aimed at teens/young adults but surprisingly good none the less, got my car serviced ready for my Tassie road trip, and bought a new camera lens for said trip.
Now I’m gonna eat a burrito while watching ‘the daily show’, jump on destiny for a few hours, then it’s early to bed because I’m driving to Sydney at 5am for the state w chair rugby finals.

Busy busy busy

Anonymous asked: I don't want to be rude so I'm sorry if this is rude, I'm just rather curious. How did you end up in a wheelchair?

I fell and damage my spinal cord which meant my legs stop doing what I told them to, and i figured this would be easier than crawling.

spoiler: I was right.

Myers ladies wear department just casually rocking the GoT soundtrack.

Hey everyone
I will be live on ABC 666 radio this afternoon from 2-3pm doing an hour long interview with Alex Sloan. 
you can listen live online here

ill also be playing 4 tracks throughout the interview, something a little different from their usual playlist so we’ll see how it goes.
Ill try post a link to the interview after it goes online